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Things that have never happened before,
happen all the time.

Who We Are

Rogue Wave Scenarios (RWS) is a London-based resilience consultancy founded in 2020 on the mission of helping individuals and teams to better tackle the challenges of uncertainty.

We learned our lessons the hard way.

Our story can be traced back to a moment in time when our founder Max Thorpe was hit by a devastating rogue wave in a race to row across the Atlantic Ocean in 2017. 

In the worst conditions in over a decade, the resulting capsize, fire, and search and rescue ignited a battle to survive that is widely regarded as one of the most perilous sequence of events in ocean racing history.

In a journey to the very edge, Max returned just 2 years later to win the race and set a new World Record. 

Our experience is our expertise.

Navigating extreme environments like the ocean requires a different way of thinking - an ability to think clearly in the present and think critically about the future. This is resilience. At RWS, we call it a Storm Mentality®; enabling teams to navigate the storms they are in and prepare for the storms to come.


What We Do

We facilitate preparedness.

It's our job to provide the psychological and strategic tools to survive and thrive in volatile and uncertain operating environments.

To achieve this, RWS brought together global leaders in scenario planning and the world's best ocean racers to design a pioneering preparedness product.

Our scenario-based workshops provide a physically and psychologically safe space for individuals and teams to explore how the future might unfold and to discover how prepared they are to face it.

The ocean is filled with opportunities and threats. In order to truly be prepared for both, we must stretch teams imaginations during the planning process.

We simply pull teams to places they have never been before.

RWS empower our clients with a broader and deeper decision-making context, in turn optimising their ability to plan and react.

Amongst many things, we catalyse difficult conversations, challenge assumptions and confront conflicts in order to accelerate learning, optimise communication and refine strategy.

We help our clients confront the future on their own terms.

What We Do
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Amphibious Uncertainty

From the sea to terra firma, recent years have seen uncertainty become the unshakeable and undeniable global force of our futures.

Our resilience mission has never been more relevant or more important. In addition to corporate speaking engagements, we will soon be delivering corporate scenarios products.

Like the ocean, the world won’t wait for you to be ready.

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

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