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About Us

Like the ocean, the world won't wait for you to be ready.

Rogue Wave Scenarios design and deliver immersive, scenario-based workshops that improve your ability to plan and react in a rapidly changing and radically uncertain world.

We enable our clients to think clearly in the present and critically about the future. This is resilience. 
At RWS, we call it a Storm Mentality®; enabling individuals and teams to navigate the storms they are in and prepare for the storms to come.

In a world where success is determined by an ability to overcome challenges, RWS helps to develop a dynamic decision-making edge.

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Principles forged in the eye of the storm 

We learned our lessons the hard way.

Rogue Wave Scenarios’ origin story is defined by one of the most dramatic sequence of events in the history of ocean sport. 

In a journey to the very edge, our founders’ survival was ultimately determined by a few inches and a series of extra-ordinary decisions. 

Rooted in the psychological science, our methodology brings together extreme life or death experience with the expertise of the world’s leading scenarios planners. 


How we work with teams and businesses

Our Services

Workshops, Seminars & Keynotes
Multi-format engagements mean we can deliver the desirable impact.

Bespoke Briefs
We work directly to the clients needs including stand alone engagements, integrated employee onboarding and development sessions.

Scalable Participation

Our agile methodology enables us to have impact with groups of all sizes. 

Iterative Impact
We establish trusting, long-term relationships that make sure value is delivered and achieved. 


Unique experience meets global expertise

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Max Thorpe
Co-Founder & Managing Director

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Max is a world record-breaking adventurer, athlete and scenarios facilitator. He specialises in extreme environments preparedness and decision-making under pressure.

chris williams from team tenzing at the

Chris Williams
Co-Founder & Managing Director

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Chris is a qualified psychologist, coach and experienced leader in business and sport. He specialises in the science of stress, resilience and uncertainty.



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Geraldine Wessing
Chief Political Analyst
Shell plc.

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Dean Rodrigues
Managing Director Head of UK M&A
@ Greenhill & Co

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“Rogue Wave Scenarios bring new energy and direction to decision-making optimisation and strategic foresight. I’m always inspired by how they apply truly immersive experiences and techniques to transform individuals’ ways of thinking.”

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